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Attachments in Fusion

Attachments are used to attach and display documents and images associated with the various functions and forms within Fusion. Attachments can be used all across the dealership! With the ability to import many different file types (including but not limited to PDF, Word, JPEG, Excel, etc.), you are able to store anything from installation sheets, custom tax exemption documents, core return forms, images of parts, Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), AP invoices, and much more.


Using Attachments in Fusion can help your business by:

Intelligent organization

  • You have the ability to add attachments to all critical forms within Fusion.
  • Keep your documents right where you need them – No more relying on physical copies!
  • Quickly store and update customer and unit information.

Reduce physical storage – Reclaim your space!

  • Remove the potential for error that dealing with physical documents brings.
  • Save time by instantly accessing the documents you need – No more trips to the file cabinet!
  • Go digital!

Use Attachments as a Knowledge-base for Employees

  • Use attachments to quickly look at an image of what a part looks like, what a certain truck looks like, a core credit form, and more.
  • Utilize these attachments when onboarding new employees or re-familiarizing your staff.

Connect your devices for maximum convenience!

  • Access the Attach-It app with your tablet or mobile device for everyday uses.
  • Integrates with your device’s camera.
  • Add pictures to Fusion without transfer cables.
  • Get more functionality with the desktop version by connecting to a scanner to import old documents.

Attach-It in Fusion

Karmak Attach-It is an application that works with Karmak Fusion to add photos of vehicles or equipment to a repair order, unit inventory, deal or deal packet. Photos can be transferred from a phone, tablet, or desktop to the Attach-It web service, giving you the ability to add attachments to all critical forms within Fusion.

Desktop Application

  • The desktop version of Karmak Attach-It allows you to import multiple pictures at one time as well as assign the pictures to multiple repair orders, units or deals. You can also attach documents such as PDF, TXT, DOC and XLS.

Mobile App

  • Access Attach-It on your phone or tablet for easy everyday functionality. Attach-It integrates with your device’s camera, and allows you to add pictures to Fusion without the hassle of transfer cables. Experience the cable-free convenience!

Karmak Attach-It Features & Benefits

  • Quickly add pictures to Karmak Fusion without transfer cables
  • Integrates with your device’s camera
  • Browse pictures on your phone to import
  • Desktop version can be used to scan repair order quotes, truck deal paperwork and other documents, and transfer them directly into the business system
  • Compatible with multiple smartphone and PC platforms:
    • Windows® Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8
    • Windows 8 and Windows 10
    • Android™
    • iPhone® and iPad

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