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Karmak Announces Launch of the Karmak Mobile Service Application

(Carlinville, IL, April 17, 2024) In the fast-paced commercial trucking industry, efficient and effective repair order management is crucial. Karmak is proud to announce the launch of a solution that untethers technicians and service advisors: Karmak Mobile Service. This mobile application allows service shops to manage repair orders from anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device. 

The app is easy to use and enables users to focus on building long-term, successful relationships with their customers and boost service profitability by creating and managing repair orders remotely in real-time. Managing repair orders remotely helps to streamline the repair order management process and saves time through improved communication and collaboration.  

The launch of the Mobile Service App is part of Karmak’s commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience to service departments, building the app with technicians and service advisors in mind. With complete Karmak Fusion compatibility and native support for iOS and Android devices, Karmak Mobile Service provides you the tools you need to modernize your service operations.

“In today’s evolving commercial trucking landscape, efficiency isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. With the introduction of Karmak Mobile Service, we’re not just launching an app; we’re revolutionizing the way technicians and service advisors operate with Fusion. We envision a world where repair order management is agile, seamless, and tailored to the unique demands of our industry. By putting the power of real-time, remote repair order management into the hands of our users, we’re reaffirming Karmak’s dedication to fostering innovation and driving unparalleled value for our customers.” – John Cowan, Vice President of Business Solutions at Karmak.

Karmak estimates that users can save at least 5 minutes per managed repair order, allowing users to reclaim over 80 hours for every 1,000 repair orders managed through the app. Users can expect to only pay for what they use, as the pricing model is based on a per-repair-order rate with no setup costs or hidden fees. The first 30 days of use are free to users of Karmak’s Fusion business system.

With Karmak Mobile Service, technicians can:

  • Create and edit repair orders
  • VIN Scan with Native Device OCR Technology
  • Add tasks and Complaint, Cause, Corrections to repair orders and edit them
  • Utilize Voice-to-Text capabilities for swift text entry
  • Add/delete parts to tasks on repair orders
  • Access app usage analytics as well as instructional walkthroughs and release notes
  • Clock on/off to both billable and non-billable tasks
  • Customize their settings, like choosing light or dark mode display

Karmak customers, like TCI Corporation, are already leveraging the benefits provided by the app to great effect:

“The New Karmak Mobile App has already had a huge impact in our shops and in the field. For the field being able to record stories, add tasks, and clock in and out on the job has made our techs more efficient and our labor data more accurate. The app has reduced calls back to the shops to add tasks and improved information since it can be recorded in real time instead of being recalled at the end of the shift. In the shop, techs can now have the app at their stations instead of sharing a kiosk in front of the shop. This keeps techs in their bays and working on the tasks at hand.”  – Eric Hagan, Fusion Application Support Engineer at TCI Corporation

Karmak will continue to develop the app based on user feedback, rapidly adding new features with each release.

Upcoming Karmak Mobile Service App Features:

  • Construct new Service units
  • Create new customer records
  • Karmak Fusion VIN Decoding Integration
  • Parts Requests
  • Technician priority work list

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